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The internet and streaming services have changed the way we consume content. It is now easier than ever to enjoy movies, music, concerts, and TV shows from the comfort of your home. There are several free and paid streaming platforms that offer a plethora of content.

With free streaming platforms, it can be difficult to determine which ones are legit sites and which are not. There are numerous illegal movie streaming sites and apps that pose several risks to consumers.

We have compiled this list of the most dangerous movie streaming apps to stay away from to help you protect yourself better while accessing your favorite movies and series.


20 Dangerous Movie Streaming Sites to Stay Away From


This website attracts many visitors due to its vast collection of movies and TV shows. However, it violates copyright laws and operates without proper licensing agreements. 123chill is, therefore, a dangerous movie streaming app you should avoid.

The website is also full of invasive ads and security risks like malware and phishing potential.


Another dangerous streaming app to avoid is 123movies. Like 123chill, it is a free movies and TV shows streaming site. It is also notorious for being full of viruses and malware due to its nature as a file-sharing platform. 123movies is illegal in many countries because it shares original content without proper licensing.


5movies actually appears legitimate because of its extensive catalog and user-friendly interface, but it is also an illegal website. It operates by violating copyright agreements and is, thus, a hotbed for legal issues and a target for frequent crackdowns.


Afdah is a popular site for streaming free movies and TV shows. It is a web scraper that indexes online libraries to build its collection. While it may appear safe, streaming on Afdah can be dangerous. This is because it has a number of pop-up ads that can take you to malicious sites.


AZMovies offers an extensive catalog of all kinds of movies- from classics to the latest releases. All the content here is pirated and it does not possess distribution rights for anything. This can have legal consequences, and the website can expose you to malware and viruses.


Flixtor is another dangerous movie streaming app you should stay away from. It does not own any rights to distribute movies, documentaries, or TV shows and has been shut down many times because of this reason. Flixtor’s future is always in doubt, and there are privacy and security risks associated with using it.


FMovies is a free movie streaming website you need to avoid because of its illegally obtained content. It has been sued and blocked multiple times over the years. Annoying ads and broken links are common problems on FMovies. There is also the issue of it leading you to questionable sites or infecting your device with malware.


HiMovies is famous for its movie and TV show collections, but it is a dangerous app that you should avoid. It has no licensing agreements to distribute the content it lets users stream. This puts users at potential copyright violation risks associated with illegal streaming.


The next illegal and dangerous movie streaming website on our list is LookMovie. It is a target of frequent crackdowns as it provides content illegally without authorization. LookMovie users further face cybersecurity threats from malware-containing ads.


LosMovies is a platform to stream movies for free. It offers content in different languages and that too, with subtitles. However, it streams this content without the necessary agreements and, thus, exposes users to online threats and malware.


Mobdro is an internet streaming app that operates in a legal gray area. It is not completely illegal like the other apps on this list as it helps users crawl and capture free streams on the internet. Still, the content users watch here is copyrighted and streamed without permission.

Mobdro places all responsibility for accessing copyrighted content on the user and it has even been pursued criminally.


Moviesjoy is a website where people stream free movies and TV shows by watching ads in exchange. All the content available here is unlicensed and is illegal to view. Further, it doesn’t offer the same level of security that a legal platform does. The ads on Moviesjoy often promote misinformation and misleading content to viewers.

Nufu TV

Nufu TV illegally streams movies, TV shows, and live channel streams. It appears legitimate because it offers high-quality streams for a weekly or annual fee. However, all the content here is pirated, and users are always at risk of malware due to intrusive ads.


SFlix has a wide array of movies and TV shows available for streaming but again, all of it is acquired illegally. The website does not have the necessary distribution rights and hence, it is better that you stay away from it. SFlix’s frequent takedowns and its multiple iterations with different URLs indicate its precarious legal situation.


Solarmovie may offer every kind of movie under the sun but remember that the content is unlicensed and illegal. It has a large user base, and all of them are at risk of malware, viruses, and other cybersecurity issues due to the nature of the website.


Soap2day is a common website used to stream free movies and TV shows. You must know that it is a dangerous app that you should avoid because the material here is obtained and distributed without the proper permissions. It has been delisted from Google many times and has many pop-up ads ranging from harmless to downright explicit and malicious.


StreamM4u operates in a legally precarious state as its database of free movies and TV shows is acquired by violating copyright agreements. Therefore, it frequently changes its domain to evade copyright strikes. There are also other legal implications and malware risks associated with using StreamM4u


StreamLord is another popular but dangerous movie streaming website you should stay away from. It streams movies and series without licensing and always breaches copyright laws. This could lead to potential legal issues for users.


Tinyzone draws in users with its easy-to-use interface and high-quality content. While it offers free HD streaming, it also operates illegally by not adhering to copyright and licensing agreements. You expose yourself to numerous security threats every time you use it.


VexMovies offers a selection of movies in HD quality with minimal ads. This website, like others on this list, operates without proper content rights and violates laws and agreements. It poses legal risks for users who use it to stream content.

20 Unsafe Movie Streaming Apps You Need To Avoid – Geekymint (2024)
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