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  • Key Info Up Front
  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat Overview
  • Required Skills
    • Crafting Level 76
    • Mining Level 76
    • Agility Level 77
  • Items Required
    • Ring of Visibility
    • Rope
    • Spade
    • Catspeak Amulet (e)
  • Quest Walkthrough
    • Starting Off
    • Bob the Cat
    • Kethsi Ruins
    • Preparations
    • Performing the Ritual
    • Visions of the Future
  • Quest Rewards
  • FAQs
    • Question: What questlines is Ritual of the Mahjarrat required to complete?
    • Question: Do you get Treasure Hunter keys from completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat?
    • Question: What quests are needed to start Ritual of the Mahjarrat?
  • Conclusion

The Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest in Runescape is a major capstone to multiple quest lines while also being an important plot point in others. The quest sees the players trying to stop an ancient evil that has awoken and could threaten the entire plane. However, things are complicated as it is also the season of a powerful ritual performed by the tribe known as the Mahjarrat, which allows them to create a super-powered being driven to dominate Gielinor. So, the quest requires players to take down two great threats at once, making it an excellent quest for high-level players to tackle.

Key Info Up Front

  • Members Only:Yes
  • Difficulty Rating: Grandmaster
  • Expected Length: Very, Very Long
  • Prerequisite Quests:Enakhra’s Lament, Fight Arena, Hazeel Cult, Rocking Out, A Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift, The Slug menace, A Tail of Two Cats, The Temple at Senntisten, While Guthix Sleeps.
  • Required Skills:Crafting Level 76, Agility Level 77, Mining Level 76
  • Required Items:Ring of Visibility, Catspeak Amulet (e), Spade(can be found during quest), Rope
  • Completion Rewards:3x quest points, 110,000 Agility experience, 40,000 Crafting experience, 40,000 Mining experience, 3x 80,000 experience lamps, access to the Bane Ore mining site, Storm of Armadyl spell access, Akrisae the Doomed access, Glacor Cave access, Mahjarrat Ritual Site access, Bloodwood tree access, 2x Treasure Hunter keys

Ritual of the Mahjarrat Overview

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (1)

Taking on this quest is a huge undertaking. Its official length of Very, Very Long means that you should expect to spend hours on the quest itself before even accounting for gathering items or grinding for required skills. The difficulty of Grandmaster also means that it is one of the most demanding quest challenges players can tackle, both in its high skill level requirements and its need for players to kill multiple enemies up to level 140. Beating the quest is well worth the effort, as it is one of the most monumental currently in the game.

Required Skills

To tackle this quest, you’ll need to get your Crafting, Mining, and Agility all to pretty high levels. While it is unlikely that, at this point you’ll have any of these three at level one to start, I’ll cover how to go from one to the required level for each below. This way, you can jump into the process at whichever point you are already at and go from there.

Crafting Level 76

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (2)

When you first start grinding Crafting levels, you should start by using flax to make Bowstrings to get to level two. Then you should make Cracking Mining Urns with soft clay until you reach level five and can start making Gold jewelry up to level twelve. From twelve to twenty, you should then make Fragile Cooking Urns and Fragile Fishing Urns with soft clay. Luckily, most of these objects can be sold for a profit if you buy the raw materials, allowing you to make some money to offset the rest of your leveling.

Once you reach Crafting Level 20, you should move on to cutting gems as they grant the best experience gain for how little time it takes. You have two possible approaches. The first is to purchase the gems from the Grand Exchange, but this can quickly get prohibitively expensive. The second method is to mine for the gems in gem rocks spread throughout the mines in the game. I recommend using this option if you don’t have the funds to buy the gems or if you need to grind your Mining level for this quest. Either way, you can cut gems up to Crafting Level 76, try to find the best gems you can for your current level according to the list below.

  • Crafting Level 20-27:Sapphire
  • Crafting Level 27-34:Emerald
  • Crafting Level 34-43:Ruby
  • Crafting Level 43-55:Diamond
  • Crafting Level 55-72:Dragonstone
  • Crafting Level 72-76:Onyx

Mining Level 76

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (3)

On top of mining gem rocks to help train your Crafting level as described above, grinding for Mining levels can be a bit tedious. However, you can accelerate the process by getting either Varrock Armor or a Golden Mining Suit. Varrock Armor is rewarded for completing sets of Varrock achievements, and each of its tiers has a chance of giving you double ore and experience for a single mining completion. Pieces of Golden Mining Suits can be gotten by clearing blockages at Lava Flow Mine, and each piece of it increases the Mining experience you gain by 1%.

Once you start grinding, you’ll want to mine the highest level of ore that you can according to your level. It is important to remember, however, that if you want to save the ore, you’re better off smithing or buying an ore box to cut down on trips to the bank. You should also make sure to upgrade your pickaxe as you go so that it is always at least as high of a level as the ore you are mining; otherwise doing so will take longer. The ores you should mine at each mining level are in the list below.

  • Mining Level 1-10:Copper and Tin (Burthorpe mine)
  • Mining Level 10-20:Iron (Burthorpe Mine)
  • Mining Level 20-30:Coal (mine in the swamp by Lumbridge)
  • Mining Level 30-40:Mithril (Southeast Varrock mining site)
  • Mining Level 40-50:Adamantite and Luminite Southeast Varrock mining site and Mining Guild)
  • Mining Level 50-60:Runite (Crandor mining sites)
  • Mining Level 60-70:Orichalcite and Drakolith (Mining Guild)
  • Mining Level 70-76:Phasmatite and Necrite (mining site near Al Kharid and Port Phasmatys)

Agility Level 77

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (4)

Agility is trained a bit differently than other skills in that players have to go to specific courses filled with obstacles that they can complete. The experience gained from completing obstacles can be increased by equipping pieces of the Nimble outfit, which are gained randomly while running The Pit. So, if you need to train your Agility, head to the courses in the list below for their associated level ranges. While starting out, I highly recommend bringing some healing items as well, as failing obstacles deals a small amount of damage to your character.

  • Agility Level 1-18: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course
  • Agility Level 18-30:Watchtower Shortcut
  • Agility Level 30-50:Northern Anachronia Agility Course
  • Agility Level 50-52:Southern Anachronia Agility Course
  • Agility Level 52-65:Wilderness Agility Course
  • Agility Level 65-77: Het’s Oasis Agility Course

Items Required

Ring of Visibility

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (5)

This item is obtained by completing the quest Desert Treasure. If you lose it somehow, you can return to Rasolo near the Fishing Guild to get another one. However, if you’ve completed the Gift from Sliske achievement, you will permanently get the benefits of the ring even while not wearing it.


Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (6)

There are a few different options to get your hands on a Rope. The first is to craft it with Crafting Level 30 and some yak hair. You can also buy it from Ned in Draynor Village or just pick one up off the floor in the general store in Musa Point.


Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (7)

You will need a Spade in addition to the one always accessible via the tool belt. If you have the Tool Store 5 built in your house, you can get one there for free. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy one for three coins from a farming supply store or you can get one during the quest.

Catspeak Amulet (e)

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (8)

To get the enchanted Catspeak Amulet, you must first get the regular Catspeak Amulet from the quest Icthlarin’s Little Helper. If you lost it, you can get another by traveling to Sophanem and talking to the Sphinx while you have a pet cat following you. It can be enchanted by taking it to Hild in Burthorpe along with five Death Runes.

Quest Walkthrough

Starting Off

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (9)
  • Required Items:None

Starting the quest is done by interacting with Sir Tiffy Cashier in the park in Falador once all the requirements are met. When you start talking to him, pick the dialogue option with the quest name in it to kick things off. Sir Tiffy will then tell you about reports he is receiving of attacks on settlements and will send you to talk to an agent in The Other Inn in Mos Le’Harmless.

Luckily, when you wrap up the dialogue, you will get the chance to get teleported straight there, saving you from traveling there the normal way. Once you’re there, head to the bigger of the pubs in the town to find the operative, named Tendeth, who is undercover as a common pirate. Talk to Sir Tendeth, and he will tell you he found something much more dangerous than the pirates before a short cutscene is triggered. After it concludes, talk to him again and then head outside of the pub to talk to the injured people found there. They will tell you a dragon-like beast performed the attack and retreated to the northeast.

Bob the Cat

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (10)
  • Required Items:Combat Equipment, Food, Enchanted Catspeak Amulet

Interact with Sir Tendeth and then head to the gate on the edge of town to check what is happening outside of it. He’ll meet you there, and you both will embark into the jungle, but a cutscene will play showing him quickly being killed by a fireball. After the cutscene, use the trees for cover and run toward the source of the fireballs to the east. Just be patient and run from tree to tree; you shouldn’t have a problem.

Upon reaching the eastern side of the Trouble Brewing building, another cutscene will start. This one will show the Dragonkin Sithaph, Sakirth, and Strisath talking about the attack. They discuss attacking larger settlements to quell a rage building inside them and mention a False User before flying away. Once this is done, you need to return to Sir Tiffy in Falador. After reporting your discoveries, he will escort you to talk with Lady Table at the archives of the Temple Knights. She will take you through the dossier the Temple Knights have compiled on Dragonkin, which references Robert the Strong.

You then need to tell Sir Tiffy and Lady Table that Robert the Strong is now Bob the Cat. Lady Table orders you to find him, which you’ll need the Enchanted Catspeak Amulet for. So, head out of the archive and accept the option to travel back to Falador with Sir Tiffy. You’ll then have to use the amulet to track down Bob and convince him to give you his collar by right-clicking the amulet and selecting “Open.” To find Bob, follow the arrow that lights up and keep following it to be led to his location. Once you find him, he’ll be more than willing to hand over his collar when you talk to him.

Kethsi Ruins

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (11)
  • Required Items:Bob’s Collar, Spade, Food

Once you have Bob’s Collar, study it and flip it over to find the word “DIRAKS” on the back of it. This is a combination of two fairy ring codes, so go to your favorite fairy ring to first teleport to “DIR” and then “AKS.” You’ll find yourself in Kethsi once you do, and you’ll need to start exploring the area. You’ll find evidence of a recent Dragonkin attack by collecting four Tetrahedrons scattered around. I recommend grabbing them by following these instructions:

  • Head northwest and search the rubble found beneath the flooring.
  • Go southeast and up a ramp to reach the top floor of a destroyed building. Go to the northern section of the floor and use Bob’s Collar on a wall design there. Place it correctly in the pattern to receive two notes, a Tetrahedron, a Statue Arm, and Robert’s Necklace.
  • Go to the southern part of the building and jump over the gap to the west. You’ll find a statue there that you need to interact with using the statue arm you found. Cross the spire that falls afterward and head down the ladder there. Turn east and jump over the lower section of the wall. Then, climb wall to continue west and use the swing-pole heading north. Balance your way to the east, leap over the gap to the south, and then climb down two ladders. Then, go through the pipe to your east and climb the wall to the north before crossing two borders and some handholds. Go down the next ladder and exit the building to the north. Head east and find your third Tetrahedron in the rubble there.
  • Head back up the ladders you climbed down and climb up both. Jump over a gap to the south and slide down the roof to the south. Continue south and go across the plank. If you didn’t get a Spade before starting the quest, grab the one there just before heading over the plank. Search the rubble you find on the other side of the plank to find your last Tetrahedron.

Now that you have all four Tetrahedrons, you need to go back over the plank and down the stairs nearby. This leads to the Underground Library dungeon. To gain access, you’ll need to use the Tetrahedrons on the indented parts of the walls. Doing so gives you a four-letter code that is written down in the quest journal and is different for each player. This code can be used with the Strange Device you’re given to find a dig spot to interact with using the Spade.

This will give you the Kethsian key, which you need to take to the island’s dungeon on the western side. There the key can be used on the southern door. Once you’re inside, interact with the bookcase to the southeast and get a scroll that will teach you the Tune Banite Ore spell. Search the bookcase to the west of it to read a journal.


  • Required Items:Ring of Visibility, Food, Rope

Once you’ve retrieved the journal, go talk with Sir Tiffy again so he can read it. He will send you to talk to Idria, Thaerisk, and Akrisae, who are in the castle in Falador. Speaking to any of them will cause Ali the Wise to appear and provide additional information. You will talk to all of them about using the upcoming Mahjarrat ritual to combat the growing evil referenced in the journal. Still, you’ll need to convince Akrisae with a chat puzzle. To pass it, select responses agreeing with the other characters before offering to put yourself in danger for the mission.

After some more discussion, you’ll get a handful of items from each of them and be instructed to head to Temple in Senntisten to talk to Azzandra for further help. At the temple, talk to Azzandra, and you’ll get some more information about what is going on. You’ll be ready to go to the Ghorrock Fortress to infiltrate the Ritual.

I recommend reaching Ghorrock via the canoe by Erjolf to avoid trek through the wilderness and risk being attacked by another player. From the canoe, head up the hill with the large ice block to go through the fortress’ outer walls before going south to pass the inner walls. You’ll find some dragons there, but they won’t attack you unless you provoke them. Head up the stairs to the west before climbing up the damaged wall you can find to the east. Climb down the western smashed rampart and head through the trapdoor to enter the Ghorrock dungeon. Run to the southwestern corner of the jail and grab a heat globe before running back to the stairs and leaving the dungeon.

Head around to get out of the innermost part of the fortress before heading south. Go into the tunnel there to travel to the plateau where the ritual is to be held. There you’ll find a horde of Undead Broavs that you’ll want to avoid interacting with. Otherwise you’ll be teleported to a cell in Zemouregal’s Fort. However, staying out of their sight is rather straightforward. If you get caught, pick up the tile on its eastern side and dig out.

At the ritual site, you have to place four items to assist you during the coming fight. To start, place a beacon in each cardinal direction along the trees that box in the plateau. Then, head to the west from where you entered the plateau to find a tunnel to tie the Rope you brought so that your allies can reach the plateau to help. You’ll also need to hide the Heart of Arrav you were given inside some rocks to the northeast of the southern beacon.

You then need to reach Zemouregal’s Fort to continue the preparations. If you got caught while trying to reach the plateau, feel free to do this section before the plateau. If you weren’t, purposefully get caught by an Undead Broav to get sent there. Escape from the cell by digging out and kill the Armored Zombie you find to get a Code Key and a small number of Decoder Strips. These can be used to open the fort’s doors, and you first need to use them on the fort’s main door. The code required for the entry is randomized for each player, but the code puzzle is simple to figure out since you have the key.

After unlocking the door, enter the fort and go to the crate near a weapon rack to the northeast to find the key for the storeroom. This can be used to reach the storeroom to the west. Look through the crates to your north to find the code for the reliquary and some notes you should read. Go to the eastern stairs on the first floor and head up to unlock the reliquary door. The black stone on the southern side of the room needs to be destroyed and then you can leave the fort.

Once you’re outside the fort, head to Movario at the bottom of the area. Talk to him there and equip your Ring of Visibility. Run to the west along the southern edge of the plateau until you find a shadow pedestal. Investigate it and put the heat globe on top of it. Doing so will cause some nearby ice to melt, revealing a cave entrance you must go through. Inside the cave go down the passage that isn’t blocked to interact with the Stone of Jas to trigger a cutscene.

Performing the Ritual

Ritual of the Mahiarrat Guide - Rune Fanatics (12)
  • Required Items:Combat Gear, Food

Once the above cutscene finishes the Mahjarrat will be alerted to your presence, causing you to be teleported outside the cave. You’ll find your allies there and sit through another cutscene before being dropped into combat. Your stats will be boosted by interacting with the stone for the remainder of the quest, so make avoid using Saradomin Brews for your healing but use food instead. Also, the stats of your summons will be boosted as well, so use them as much as you can.

The first fight with Khazard is straightforward. Just do as much damage as possible, and when he summons the Bouncer lead it over to Wahisietel because you won’t be able to deal any damage to it yourself. Once you’ve killed Kazard you need to reach the ritual site. There, you’ll have to fight four Ice Titans summoned by Lucien. Only two of them will automatically attack you, so focus on them as they are the only two you will be able to deal damage to. They attack with ice damage so use any prayers that you have to reduce the damage you take from them. Once the Ice Titans have been dealt with another cutscene will play.

The cutscene will show Lucien summoning 20 Ice Demons that you’ll then have to fight with your allies. You’ll only have to fight two of them again, and they mostly use magic attacks so use prayers to defend from magic attacks if possible. After the Ice Demons are dealt with another cutscene will play that shows Lucien attempting the Ritual despite your interference. This culminates in you having to fight four Armored Zombies. However, they will focus on the Barrows Brothers, so just deal damage to them and avoid the incoming spells of the cultists and this fight will be easy.

At this point, Arrav himself will appear to fight under the control of the Mahjarrat. To defeat him, you need to deal damage to him until his attention turns to you. Afterward, slowly lead him to where you stashed his heart, which will break the spell controlling him and allow him to attack Zemouregal. The battle will continue in chaos, but you will then have to repair the southern beacon. As you try to repair it a Glacor will be summoned to impede you, but it moves slowly so just run to the beacon, pick up the four pieces, and use them on the beacon before the Glacor can attack you.

Despite your efforts, the Ritual will continue, eventually resulting in Lucien becoming incredibly powerful. However, the three Dragonkin you saw earlier will arrive and declare Lucien the False User. This will trigger a cutscene in which they all fight and Lucien is ultimately killed. They then fly away and you are left atop the plateau with some of your remaining allies.

Visions of the Future

  • Required Items:None

Once the cutscene finishes you’ll talk with Sliske, who tries to enslave you by making you a Barrows Brother. You are saved by Akrisae, however, and Sliske teleports away before Tiffy can intervene. You are then teleported to Nardah to destroy the Stone of Jas alongside Tiffy and Thaerisk. Afterward, you are treated to a terrible vision of a possible future, but I won’t spoil what happens in it here. Once it is done, talk to Tiffy in Falador again and you’ll have the quest completed.

Quest Rewards

Alongside three quest points you will get 110,000 Agility experience, and 40,000 experience in Mining and Crafting. You’ll also get three 80,000 experience lamps for completing the quest. These can be great to help give you a serious boost to any skill you are trying to level. You’ll also gain access to numerous locations such as a mining site filled with Bane Ore, Glacor Cave, the Ritual Site, and the Bloodwood Tree. You’ll also be given access to Akrisae the Doomed’s equipment as well as the spell called Storm of Armadyl.


Question: What questlines is Ritual of the Mahjarrat required to complete?

Answer: You must finish it to complete the questlines Fate of the Gods, Missing Presumed Death, Nadir (saga), Hero’s Welcome, One of a King, and The World Wakes.

Question: Do you get Treasure Hunter keys from completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat?

Answer: Yes, finishing the quest comes with the standard two Treasure Hunter keys alongside its other rewards.

Question: What quests are needed to start Ritual of the Mahjarrat?

Answer: The quest only requires you to have completed Enakhra’s Lament, While Guthix Sleeps, A Fairy Tale III, Teh Temple at Senntisten, Fight Arena, A Tail of Two Cats, Hazeel Cult, The Slug menace, and Rocking Out.


This quest requires players to stay fully engaged throughout its duration, but it delivers some really fun and interesting moments during its playtime. It also comes with some great and unique rewards, as well as pushing some of Runescape‘s ongoing stories to interesting places. It is one of my favorites of all the Fifth Age quests inRunescape, and I can’t recommend putting in the time to complete it enough.

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