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Mining is a skill in Runescape 3 that can be trained in both free-to-play and pay-to-play worlds. Although, players will find progression significantly easier in members worlds, with a wealth of different activities and training methods for mining. As such this guide will explore pay-to-play mining training methods, including a guide on the fastest methods and some worthy alternatives.

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Fastest Mining Training Methods

The fastest way to train your mining level in Runescape 3 is to follow the general tier progression of the core rocks. From copper and tin at level 1 to light and dark animica at level 90. Although Miscellaneous rocks such as the Seren Stones and Alaea Crystals are also worth considering. The base mining experience rates at each tier can be seen in the table below.

LevelsMethodBase Mining Experience/Hour
1-10Copper/Tin Rocks5,000 Xp/Hour
10-20Iron Rocks15,000 Xp/Hour
20-30Coal Rocks25,000 Xp/Hour
30-40Mithril Rocks40,000 Xp/Hour
40-50Adamatite/Liminite Rocks45,000 Xp/Hour
50-60Runite Rocks60,000 Xp/Hour
60-70Orichalcite/Drakolith Rocks70,000 Xp/Hour
70-80Phasmatite/Necrite Rocks85,000 Xp/Hour
80-90Banite Rocks110,000 Xp/Hour
89-97Seren Stones180,000 Xp/Hour
90-97Light/Dark Animica160,000 Xp/Hour
97-99+Alaea Crablet190,000 Xp/Hour
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Copper & Tin: Levels 1-10

At level 1 mining players will need to start mining copper and tin rocks. Base experience for this activity is around 5k/hour making levels 1-10 take around 10 minutes. The best places to mine these rocks are at the Lumbridge swamp, Burnthorpe mine and south-east Varrock mine.

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Iron: Levels 10-20

At level 10 players unlock the ability to mine iron ore rocks. This grants around 15,000 mining experience per hour. The best locations to mine these rocks include at the south-west Lumbridge swamp mining area, south-west Varrock mining area and the Piscatoris mining area.

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Coal: Levels 20-30

Coal rocks become available to players at level 20 mining. Expect base mining experience of around 25,000 per hour with this method. With the best locations to mine coal being the Barbarian Village mine, Lumbridge Swamp mining area and the Falador mining site.

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Mithril: Levels 30-40

At level 30 players gain the ability to mine mithril rocks. These rocks can be found in popular locations such as the Karamja Volcano mine and both the south-east and south-west Varrock mining areas. Players can expect base experience rates of around 40,000 per hour.

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Adamantite/Luminite: Levels 40-50

Adamantite and Luminite rocks provide a small increase in experience rates over mithril, with around 45,000 base mining experience per hour. These rocks become available at level 40 and can be found in various locations around the map. Luminite can be found at the Dwarven mine, Mining Guild, Battlefield mining area and Anachronia Western Ruin mine. While the Adamantite rocks can be found at the south-east Varrock mine, Rimmington mine and also the Anachronia Western Ruin mine.

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Runite: Levels 50-60

At level 50, the runite rock can be mined for mining experience and ore. These rocks can be found and mined at both north and south Crandor mines, the Fight Arena mining site and the Mining Guild. Expect around 60,000 mining experience per hour with this method until level 60.

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Orichalcite/Drakolith: Levels 60-70

When levelling from 60-70, use either orichalcite or drakolith rocks for training. Better experience rates are found at level 64 when the doubled critical chance is unlocked, however, you can expect around 70,000 mining xp/hour here. The Drakolith rocks can be found in the Mining Guild, Heroes’ Guild and Karamja mining area. While the Orichalcite rocks can be located in the wilderness mining area, Anachronia canyon mine and the mining guild.

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Phasmatite/Necrite: Levels 70-80

Phasmatite and Necrite rocks can be mined at level 70 mining. However, players may choose to wait until level 75. Whereby, the doubled critical chance is active, which provides experience rates of approximately 85,000/hour. Necrite ore rocks can be located at the Al Kharid mining area, the Uzer mining area and the Wilderness hobgoblin mine. While Phasmatite rocks can be located in the Abandoned mine, Dwarven mine and south of Port Phasmatys.

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Banite: Levels 80-90

Banite ore can be mined between level 80 and 90 mining for around 90k-120k mining exp per hour, with the doubled critical chance being active from level 81 onwards. There are a wide variety of locations to mine banite but some of the best ones include Hallvar, the Abomination Cave mine, the Glacor mine, Jatizso dungeon, Trollweiss Mountain, Pirates’ Hideout mine and west of the Mage Arena.

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Seren Stones: Levels 89-97

At level 89, players unlock the ability to mine corrupted ore from the Seren Stones found. However, players will also need to have completed the Plague’s End quest, as these Stones are located exclusively in the Trahaearn District of Prifddinas.

This method of mining will reward players with around 180,000 base mining experience. Additionally, the ore obtained is stackable, making it one of the best AFK training methods in RS3. The ore received is untradeable, but can be used as a relatively fast smithing training method that is also completely free.

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Light/Dark Animica: Levels 90-97

At level 90 players can choose to mine Light or Dark Animica rocks, they provide slightly less experience than Seren Stones at 160,000 mining xp per hour. However, they do not require the completion of difficult quests like Plague’s End to mine, making them more accessible. Locations where they can bemined include the Lletya mining area, Empty Throne Room, Anachronia south-west and swamp mine and the Smoke Dungeon.

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Alaea Crablet: Levels 97-99+

The Alaea Crablets can be found on uncharted isles which requires completion of the Impressing the Locals quest. This method provides the fastest mining experience of any method available to players. With around 190,000 base mining exp per hour.

Alternative Mining Training Methods

Training Mining with the traditional core rocks is definitely the most popular route to 99. But, it’s understandably not for everyone, there are many other alternative methods to use, even if only temporarily. Some of those methods include:

Barbarian Assault: Levels 1+

While Barbarian Assault is primarily a combat mini-game, its rewards include bonus experience. At level 99 mining players can gain around 1.9 million bonus experience per hour playing hard mode barbarian assault.

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Daeyalt Ore: Levels 20+

If you have completed the Darkness of Hallowvale quest and have at least level 20 mining then you will be able to mine Daeyalt ore in Meiyerditch. This method provides competitive experience rates in the early mining levels, with around 45,000/hour.

Additionally, the ore received is completely stackable, making this method extremely AFK. Since this is also a non-core rock, there is nothing that can enter your inventory to fill it up such as geodes or rockertunity’s. Leaving plenty of room for torstol incense sticks and mining urns.


The higher your tier of pickaxe the more damage it will deal on average to rocks. This increases the likelihood of successfully mining the rock and receiving experience and ores. Pickaxes can be equipped for use or stored in the players tool belt or inventory. Always try to use the best pickaxe available to you when training mining in RS3.

1Bronze Pickaxe
10Iron Pickaxe
20Steel Pickaxe
30Mithril Pickaxe
40Adamant Pickaxe
50Rune Pickaxe
Inferno Adze
60Orikalkum Pickaxe
Dragon Pickaxe
70Necronium Pickaxe
Crystal Pickaxe
80Bane Pickaxe
Imcando Pickaxe
90Elder Rune Pickaxe
Pickaxe of Earth and Song

Mining Equipment

Mining CapeRequires 99 mining. When equipped the cape provides a 5% chance to receive double ores on core rocks.
Ore BoxWhen fully upgraded can store up to 140 of any metal ores.
Magic NotepaperConverts any item in the inventory and identical copies of that item into noted versions. Helps reduce the need to bank or drop ores.
Torstol Incense SticksUp to +2% experience boost to mining depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires level 75 firemaking to use.
Golden Mining Suit6% bonus experience to mining when worn or +1% per piece.
Tagga’s CorehammerSkilling offhand for mining that requires level 80 mining.
Provides +10% chance for critical strike and +35 damage to critical strikes when equipped.
RS3 Mining Training Guide - 1-99/120 | Gaming Elephant (2024)
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