Orange Theory Class Packages (2024)

1. Join Orangetheory Fitness & Explore Our Gym Membership Options

  • Choose From 3 Different Gym Membership Packages at Orangetheory Fitness, or Purchase Class Packs - 10, 20, or 30. See Which Is Right for You!

  • Choose From 3 Different Gym Membership Packages at Orangetheory Fitness, or Purchase Class Packs - 10, 20, or 30. See Which Is Right for You! 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee.

2. Orangetheory Prices 2024 | POPSUGAR Fitness

  • Orangetheory Membership Prices: · Class Packs: Buy a package of 10 classes ($225 and up), 20 classes ($375 and up), or 30 classes ($499 and up). · Basic ...

  • Looking to try Orangetheory? Here's what to know about the pricing.

3. Gym Membership | Orangetheory Fitness Canada

  • Locations · Franchising · FAQ · Promotion Terms

  • At Orangetheory Fitness Canada, we have 3 different gym membership packages; Orange Basic, Orange Elite and Orange Premier. See which is right for you!

4. Gym Membership | Orangetheory Fitness France

5. OrangeTheory Fitness Prices 2024 + Monthly Cost - Gym Bills

  • 15 jan 2024 · Prices for All Orange Theory Fitness Class Packages ; Single Class, 1 class, –, $28 to $36 ; 5-Class Pack, 5 classes, 60 days, $115 to $135 total ...

  • If you want to know the latest orangetheory fitness prices 2024 + monthly cost by following this latest price list with offers here.

6. Orangetheory Prices and Review 2023 -

  • 9 jun 2023 · This membership has been offered at several Orangetheory Fitness locations for $69 per month, with additional classes available at $18 each. The ...

  • Orangetheory offers a personalized group training experience like none other. We’ve done the research to see what sets their gym apart and to answer some com...

7. Orangetheory Fitness

  • Membership Options · Orange Theory · Locations · Heart Rate Zone Training

  • Join the Best Group Fitness Classes with Orangetheory — Workout Classes Designed to Give a Full Body Workout in a Supportive Environment. Try Us for Free Today!

8. Frequently Asked Questions | Orangetheory Fitness US

  • Have questions about Orangetheory Fitness? Check out our frequently asked questions section to find more information regarding our workout and much more!

9. Orange Theory Fitness Prices, Package & Membership Costs 2024

  • 10 jan 2024 · Basic – From $59 to $279 per month. The lowest tier membership includes unlimited classes and access to your Home Studio location. Does not ...

  • Want to know what will be the cost of membership of orange theory then do check this guide on Orange Theory Prices List 2024 here.

10. Orange Theory Review - My Thoughts After a Year

  • 6 mrt 2018 · If you want to try a few more classes before making a decision about buying a package or signing up for a monthly membership, they have a drop- ...

  • An honest Orange Theory review from someone who has gone for the past year. Pros, cons, and overall thoughts to help you decide if it's right for you!

11. Orangetheory Gym Near You In Fulham, ENG

  • Our month-to-month memberships are flexible to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals. Select from a variety of fitness membership options below. View Class Pack ...

  • Find studio hours, location information, class schedules and more for our London studio in Fulham, ENG located at 24-32 Vanston Place

12. What Is Orangetheory And Why Are People SO Obsessed With It?

  • 24 jun 2019 · Okay, but how much does Orangetheory cost? · Orange Basic – 4 classes per month ($59) · Orange Elite – 8 classes per month ($99) · Orange Premier – ...

  • 🍊🤔 Let's investigate....

13. What Is Orangetheory? Is This Fitness Class for You? - Healthline

  • 23 feb 2022 · Orangetheory classes are not for those on a tight budget. Although prices and membership packages may vary by franchise, most franchises offer ...

  • If you’ve ever wondered whether you should try an Orangetheory class, this article will tell you what it’s all about, along with its potential benefits and downsides.

14. What to Expect at Orangetheory Fitness (My First Class Review)

  • 10 aug 2016 · Clearly it is not a cheap workout! I asked about gift cards and they said they do have people purchase 10-class packages as a gift for friends/ ...

  • What to expect at Orangetheory Fitness: A detailed review about what you can expect from your first Orangetheory workout.

Orange Theory Class Packages (2024)


How do you maximize Orangetheory results? ›

Maximize your OTF results by consuming protein and carbs within an hour (up to 2 hours) following your workout. Protein and carbs work synergistically with each other in the post-workout window.

Is one orange theory class a week enough? ›

Flexible Memberships for Everyone

Plus, consider this: No matter your fitness level, 2 to 3 workouts a week is all you need to meet the American Heart Association's recommended weekly exercise dose for healthy adults — and maximize your results with an Orangetheory Fitness membership.

How many times do you have to go to Orangetheory to see results? ›

The challenge's length, and the workout frequency needed to complete it, are meant to hit the recommended dose of 3-4 weekly workouts proven to produce results. Everything we do here at Orangetheory is created by, and supported by, experts. That is why the challenge is based on changes in body composition.

How many times should I go to Orangetheory a week? ›

Dr. Masteller recommends attending 3-4 Orangetheory classes weekly, while also being physically active on your off days. But too much of a good thing ... isn't always a good thing. Sometimes you have to step back to move forward.

Is two days a week at Orangetheory enough? ›

Orangetheory - How many times a week can you go to Orangetheory? With the Class Packs Plus, you can achieve your fitness goals by attending Orangetheory Fitness sessions 2 to 3 times a week. This is in line with the American Heart Association's weekly exercise guidelines for healthy adults.

Can you get toned at Orangetheory? ›

The Orangetheory Fitness workout may result in members reducing fat mass and increasing muscle mass, but these positive changes are not always reflected by weight nor body mass index (BMI).

Is Orangetheory worth it for weight loss? ›

Like most other exercise programs, Orangetheory classes may contribute to weight loss as long as you're consistent, exercise a few times per week, and achieve a calorie deficit.

Is it OK to go to Orangetheory every day? ›

Therefore, Sides suggests taking three to four Orangetheory classes every week for more long-lasting results. There can be too much of a good thing, and Dr. Owens warns that overexercising can create an undesired spike in your cortisol levels.

Why am I so tired after Orangetheory? ›

“When you're pushing your body like you do with any Orangetheory workout,” says Brittany Masteller, Ph. D. and Orangetheory research scientist, “you're pushing yourself to the brink of what you can do by training at an elevated heart rate off and on for 60 minutes. Your body is depleting your energy sources.

Why am I not losing weight at Orangetheory? ›

If you're not losing weight the odds are you're not in a consistent calorie deficit over a long enough period of time, even if you think you are.

How many calories should I burn in an Orangetheory class? ›

Orangetheory: 500 to 1000 calories for a 60 minute workout

But while you can burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories during the 60-minute workout, you'll still be burning mega calories even while you fill up on post-workout Chipotle.

Why do I burn so many calories at Orangetheory? ›

Orangetheory is a 5-zone heart rate-based workout, and its basis is interval training, which means fluctuations in heart rate and intensity. These variations are what creates an oxygen deficit within the body, so that you continue to burn calories post-workout.

What is the average age of Orangetheory members? ›

Orangetheory caters to gym-goers between the ages of 25-45, with their largest cohort being females between the ages of 25-49. Baby Boomers are underrepresented at Orange Theory.

Will Orangetheory get you in shape? ›

Results that prove our workout works

Designed to be effective and efficient, our workout classes boost your metabolism, burn fat and calories, build strength and confidence, and improve your overall fitness. And these are just some of the results you gain.

Do Orangetheory coaches get paid by attendance? ›

Coaches whose positive energy stays with a member long after they've left the studio, and they find themselves counting the hours till their next workout. Coaches earn between $30-$85 per class, based on class attendance, plus monthly bonus opportunities and commission.

How long does it take to see results from Orangetheory? ›

How long does it take to see results with Orangetheory? Although I started feeling results almost immediately, I would say that like with any exercise routine, you will truly begin to see results around 30 days.

How do you succeed in Orangetheory? ›

1. Go by feeling: Find your Base Pace (Green Zone), where you can hold a conversation for 20-30 minutes. Your Push Pace (Orange Zone) should challenge you a little more where you shouldn't be able to say more than three or four words. As you get better, you can continue to push yourself and increase your pace.

How do you burn more calories in Orangetheory? ›

Tips for Maximizing Calories Burned During (and After) the Workout
  1. Stay consistent.
  2. Focus on each component of the workout.
  3. Listen as the coach guides you (and do what they say).
  4. Bring your A-game every time.

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